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Office lobby water feature


A custom fountain is an incredible way to make your commercial properties the most recognized and valuable in your area.   At Sapphire Fountains, we can capture your vision to help you create a water feature that exceeds your expectations.

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I want to give my highest referral to James Harris and his team at Sapphire Fountains.  When the time came to replace our 60 year old fountain in front of our business, I called several water and fountain design companies.  They were less than responsive and I was frustrated.  When I finally found James at Sapphire Fountains, things started to click and move forward.  He helped me design a perfect fountain that is totally awesome.  It really has some “pop” with an amazing design and incredible lighting.  It is perfect for our business


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SPECIALIZed services

Our team collaborates with you to create water feature designs that are beautiful, affordable, and ready for construction.  Here are a few options of water features you may be interested in:

Water Walls

Peaceful, reflective flowing water

Spilling Tiered Fountains

Beautiful sculpture with the sound of falling water

Splash Pads

Jumping water full of excitement, action, and fun

Reflecting Pools

Calm, reflective beauty

Water and Fire Features

A stunning contrast of the elements

Colorful Show Fountains

Lights, water, action!

Jumping Laminar Fountains

 Clear, clean jumping streams of water

Custom Fountain Creation

Your unique water feature idea brought to life


Hardware Apartments

Myers Mortuary

Emerald Pools & Spas

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