Create the Vision

Design work is the first step in creating a beautiful and functional space. Integrating water and lighting can add creativity, expressiveness, and fun in a way no other element can.

Transform Your Environment

A space with a good presence of water is compelling and captivating. It creates an environment that is calming or stimulating, relaxing or exciting. Our quality-tested process results in fountains with emotional, cognitive, and stress-reducing benefits.

Our process includes predesign, schematic and development design, and construction documents.

Create the Ideal Fountain for Your Industry

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When the time came to replace our 60-year-old fountain in front of our business, I called several water and fountain design companies. They were less than responsive and I was frustrated. When I finally found Sapphire Fountains, things started to click and move forward. They helped me design a perfect fountain that is totally awesome. It really has some “pop” with an amazing design and incredible lighting. It is perfect for our business.


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The Proof is in The Process

The key to creating a stunning water feature is all of the behind-the-scenes work that happens beforehand. Each step of our process ensures your water feature project is set up for success!



To start, we ask questions about your goals and how you want your water feature to influence your environment. We talk about maintenance to keep your project beautiful for the long term. Predesign helps us understand the scope, schedule, and budget for the project.


Schematic Design

In this phase, our team creates conceptual drawings and 3D renderings that detail the look and feel of the water feature. We also look at piping, electrical systems, lighting, and other features related to functionality. Finally, we review the renderings with you to ensure it achieves your goals.


Design Development

Next, we create a detailed engineering plan. Our team specifies all the water feature and lighting components and construction methods. We review this detailed plan with you and the full construction team to ensure it meets your expectations and is ready to be built.


Construction Documents

In the final step of our process, we provide all the documentation needed to make your project construction successful. These deliverables include CAD drawings, construction plans, electrical and lighting schematics, and piping diagrams.

Don’t have your own construction/engineering team? Ask about our fountain build service!

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