Create unique fountain and splash pad designs that your clients will love.

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Splash pads and fountains are gaining popularity with customers. At Sapphire Fountains, our splash pad designs are customized, affordable and easy to build. We can also help you with custom water feature control systems. Let us be a resource for you to help make your customers happy.

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SPECIALIZed services

Our design team handles all the details you need to control and automate water features for your residential and commercial landscaping. Here are a few options you may be interested in:

Spilling Tiered Fountains

Beautiful sculpture with the sound of falling water

Water Walls

Peaceful, reflective flowing water

Splash Pads

Jumping water full of excitement, action, and fun

Reflecting Pools

Calm, reflective beauty

Water and Fire Features

A stunning contrast of the elements

Colorful Show Fountains

Lights, water, action!

Jumping Laminar Fountains

 Clear, clean jumping streams of water

Custom Fountain Creation

Your unique water feature idea brought to life


Olsen Residence

Salt Lake Community College

Springville Civic Center

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