Looking to bring a splash of excitement to your next event? Sapphire has a variety of water features that will elevate the atmosphere of any trade show, company party, wedding, product release, or other occasion. Take a look at some of our options below to find the perfect fit for your event.

fountain pillars

fountain PILLARS

Fountain pillars are an architectural feature found in many gardens and parks and you have the opportunity to have one at your event. They are tall, often ornate columns that support a basin or bowl of water from which the water spills over into a pool below.

The top of the pillar can have intricate carvings or embossing that adds to its aesthetic appeal. Fountains with pillars provide a beautiful focal point for any space while providing soothing background noise as well as visual interest.

These water features are perfect for weddings, company parties, and other events. These colorful and portable water features have built-in color-changing lighting that can be set to match the look of your event. Our pillars are designed to work as a group of six or as individual pieces. Contact us today to reserve these for your event.


Laminar water fountains are a sophisticated addition for your next event. These stunning water features create a mesmerizing display of liquid art with their unique design that allows for the continuous flow of water in a single stream. The streams of water hit the basin below at precisely measured intervals, resulting in a calming and serene atmosphere. Laminar fountains can be illuminated to add extra visual interest, making them perfect for evening gatherings or special events.

Laminar water fountains combine artistry and physics to create a unique glass-like stream of water. This sleek, jumping, color changing water feature has a way of capturing attention and will elevate the atmosphere of any product release or convention, putting you a step above the competition.

jumping laminar fountain
spray ring fountain


The spray ring fountain is what most people envision when they think of a fountain display. It’s also like a water fountain sprinkled with glitter—the sparkling droplets of water disperse in all directions from a central nozzle, creating the illusion of a showering “ring” of dancing waters. It’s mesmerizing to watch and is perfect for grand openings, corporate events, or any occasion that needs an extra touch of sparkle.

This water feature is highly versatile. Whether displayed on its own or surrounded by decorations like flowers, it makes a stunning backdrop or centerpiece. The spray ring water feature can be displayed indoors or outdoors and has an adjustable spray height.

3-Tier Cascade Fountain – Medium

Think of the serene waterfall that you hear when on a vacation. That’s the feeling that a 3-tier cascade fountain brings to your event. It creates an environment of calm and relaxation with its steady flow of water spilling from one bowl to another, culminating in a larger pool at the bottom. The sound of running water helps create a relaxing atmosphere that everyone will enjoy and remember.

With timeless elegance, this 3-tier cascading water feature can is the perfect focal point for any indoor or outdoor event.  Whether you want to create a peaceful ambiance or to make a statement, this water feature is your perfect design piece!

3 tier cascade fountain
3 tier cascade fountain

Rain Curtain

Our cascading rain fountain creates an immersive experience as a striking centerpiece, backdrop, or entrance feature that can be customized for any occasion.


Are you interested in learning more about water fountain rental in Utah? Sapphire Fountains has a unique collection of products ready to make your next gathering a memorable one for years to come.

Designing custom water features for events is our specialty. Whether you need to grab people’s attention at a trade show booth or add elegance and beauty to an intimate gathering, Sapphire can design an outstanding water feature for you. Let us know what your next project is, and we’ll help you create something amazing.

custom fountain

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What are rental fountains?

These are portable water features that can go into virtually any venue, are incredibly versatile, and are able to fit into any event theme. They can work as a backdrop for a bride and groom, an eye-catching centerpiece at a trade show, or a “Wow!” factor to fill space at your corporate event.

How does renting a fountain work?

It starts by reaching out to one of our expert fountaineers through our contact form, or by giving us a call. We will give you specific fountain availability for your dates and answer any questions you may have. 

We have professionally trained technicians available to deliver, set up, and take down the fountain, wherever your event may be. We understand these events have many moving parts, so our technicians are experts in fitting into your existing plans and coordination efforts, so you won’t have to give our fountains a second thought (beyond admiring their beauty, of course).

Many of the fountains can be set up by any existing event staff at a discounted rate. Contact a fountaineer for more details about self-set up pricing and instructions. 

Each fountain will require a standard power outlet and a water source to fill it up. For a more detailed list of requirements, please visit the individual fountain page.

What does renting a fountain cost?

Our fountains start at $245 per unit. All base prices include a technician to set up and take down the fountain at your event. There will be an extra travel charge, based on a $1/mile rate throughout the Wasatch Front.

If you would like more information about setting up your fountain yourself, please contact a fountaineer using the contact form.

How big are your fountains?

The dimensions vary depending on which fountain you are deciding on. You can see each fountain’s height, weight, and other requirements in a spec sheet provided on each fountain’s detail page. 

What do your fountains look like?

Our rental gallery has pictures and videos of our rental fountains in action at various events. Many have cool stories to go with them, give us a call to hear more about how to make your event spectacular!

How do I know your fountain will fit into my vision and theme?

Our rental gallery has pictures and videos of our rental fountains in action at various events. Many have cool stories to go with them, give us a call to hear more about how to make your event spectacular!

How do I know your fountain will fit into my vision and theme?

Our fountains fit into 5 essential elements: Entry Treatments, Signature Focal Points, Unique Food Presentations, The Human Element, and Creative Lighting and Video. 

  • Entry treatments enhance the anticipation and experience of entering an event. You can set up a fountain at the entry of your event to build excitement & anticipation of what’s going on inside!
  • Signature Focal Points are a commanding centerpiece and the star of the show. They bring a true sense of awe and captivate your audience. This is the place people want to take their selfies.
  • Unique Food Presentation fountains balance the functional side of decorations, not getting in the way of the food, and elevating the experience and presentation. 
  • The Human Element brings our innate love of water into an interactive experience, to your event. People just love water, and often want to interact with it
  • Creative Lighting and Video combine water with various sensory experiences. This might be projecting a video onto a water wall, or creating a light show that dances with water as a backdrop in tune with a speaker at an event. Or, consider an outdoor event at night that is lit-up by glowing fountains.

For inspiration, please visit our rental gallery for more pictures of previous events our fountains have featured in. 

We have a fountain that will fit and exceed your expectations. We are also always developing new ideas and are looking for innovative personalities to join our Fountain Pioneer (Innovator) program. For more information on how to stay ahead of your competition with new, pre-market fountains, please contact a Fountaineer about our Fountain Pioneer (Innovator) program by using our contact form.

Can I change how the fountain looks to fit my event?

Our fountains are incredibly versatile. They look amazing surrounded by flowers and decorations but also stand well on their own. The lighting, where applicable, can be independently changed to hundreds of different colors and combinations of colors. Many are large enough to stand as centerpieces but can be adjusted to be small enough to fit on a table if that fits your event environment and theme. From grandiose outdoor fountains to a catering centerpiece, to a backdrop, we have something that fits your vision.

We are currently developing a new feature that will change shape depending on your event needs (if you are interested in learning more about being a part of our Fountain Pioneer program, please contact us!).

What if the fountains break or spill?

In the many events our fountains have been featured in, we have had zero catastrophic accidents. Due to the nature of fountains, there will always be minor splashing (which we account for during our set-up). We are absolutely confident in our technicians and in our fountain structures. We follow safety guidelines and go through an extensive testing process before the fountains ever hit the market.

That all being said, however, we understand that there is a level of risk that comes with large quantities of water, especially when placed indoors. In the event of any damage to a venue caused by our fountain, we will abide by the contract terms signed when the fountain was originally rented.  If the fountains are being set up by you or your event staff, we give clear instructions and troubleshooting advice in case of any unexpected issues, with our staff available to call for any assistance you may need.

Who sets up the rental fountains?

We have a team of technicians available to deliver, set up, and clean up the fountains included in the base price (plus a travel charge). 

Most fountains can be set up by you or any event staff, laminar excluded, at a discounted rate. Please contact us if this is something you are interested in to discuss pricing.

Do you ship to other states?

We do! We can ship our rental fountains throughout the lower 48 states. Shipping costs vary depending on location, so please contact a fountaineer for a quote.

Keep in mind, the laminar fountain requires one of our technicians to set up and will need to be flown out. The others can be set up independently.

What is your Fountain Pioneer (Innovator) program?

We are always developing new fountain rentals and need innovative event planners of all backgrounds who want to elevate their events with unique features, not yet on the market. You will be given exclusive access to new fountains, discounts on fountains in development, and the exciting opportunity to help our engineering team design new rental fountains. 

Do you want to stay one step ahead of your competition and set yourself apart? This is the perfect program for event planners, catering companies, and venues to get one step ahead of the competition in an exclusive, yet budget-friendly way.

jumping laminar fountains
fountain pillars
fountain pillars
spray ring fountain
spray ring fountain
jumping laminar fountain
jumping laminar fountain
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