Large Spray Ring Fountain


This fountain serves as an eye-catching focal point. With its adjustable spray height, it can be tailored to fit any event perfectly.

Our service area is Wasatch Front. Additional costs may apply outside that area.

This water feature is highly versatile. Whether displayed on its own or surrounded by decorations like flowers, it makes a stunning backdrop or centerpiece. The spray ring fountain can be displayed indoors or outdoors and has an adjustable spray height. Click below to rent one for your next event.

Additional information

Product Specifications

System Requirements
– 150 gal water
– 120 VAC (standard wall outlet)

General Dimensions
– 6 ft long
– 6 ft wide
– 16 in tall
– Spray height: Adjustable

– Setup time approximately 1-1/2 hrs
– Includes 25' extension cord for power
– Water supply and drain location required for setup and takedown.

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