Laminar Water Fountain

Additional cost for delivery and setup

This stylish water feature, with its dynamic movement and color-changing effect, has a captivating presence that will enhance the ambiance of any occasion.

Our service area is along Utah’s Wasatch Front. Additional costs may apply outside the area.

Laminar water fountains combine artistry and physics to create a unique glass-like stream of water. This sleek, jumping, color-changing water feature has a way of capturing attention and will elevate the atmosphere of any product release or convention, putting you a step above the competition.


Additional information

Product Specifications

System Requirements
– 40 gal water
– 120 VAC (standard wall outlet)

General Dimensions
– 11 ft long
– 2-1/2 ft wide
– 2 ft tall
– Spray height: Adjustable
– 500 lbs when filled with water

– Setup time approximately 1-1/2 hrs
– Includes 25' extension cord for power
– Water supply and drain location required for setup and takedown.

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