Splash Wizard Basic

The magic behind the fun and excitement of a splash pad.

The Splash Wizard BASIC is a splash pad & display fountain valve controller. It will control from 1 to 9 valves with a single unit, or up to 18 valves with 2 units wired together. The controller uses a single push button to cycle between 3 preset sequences.


Power input: 120 VAC, 10 amps

Power Output: 24 VAC, 1 amp

Startup: 2 options, adjustable with switch setting on controller
1. Controller starts up and runs sequences when power is provided
2. Controller starts up when activation button is pushed and held for 3 seconds

Valve Count: 1-9

Valve switching rate: Adjustable with knob setting on controller

Program Selection: Press activation button to toggle between 3 available sequences

Custom Sequences: Custom sequences can be created by Sapphire Fountains. Please call for details.



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