Custom water features can transform an ordinary space into a serene oasis, bringing the soothing sounds and aesthetic beauty of nature right to your doorstep. These features, whether it’s a splash pad, a fountain, or a waterfall, can be a unique focal point in any landscape or interior design. But where should you place such a feature to maximize its impact and utility? The answer to this question could dramatically affect the overall ambiance and functionality of your space. From the backyard to the courtyard, or even indoors, there are plenty of exciting possibilities. This blog post will explore the best places to locate a custom water feature, offering helpful insights to assist you in making an informed decision for your home or office.


The backyard is often an ideal location for a custom water feature. It is typically the largest open space available, offering ample room for a splash pad, fountain, or waterfall. A well-placed water feature can become the centerpiece of your backyard, serving as a stunning visual and auditory element. Imagine a water fountain at the end of a path that provides you a peaceful retreat, or a waterfall cascading down a rock formation, the sound of trickling water creating a soothing backdrop for outdoor gatherings. These water features can also attract local wildlife, like birds and butterflies, adding a touch of nature’s chorus to your space. Importantly, the privacy of a backyard allows for personal expression in design – you can construct a water feature that reflects your personal aesthetics and appeals to your senses.


A courtyard, whether part of a home or a business, often serves as a transitional space, an inviting introduction, or a place of calm amidst activity. Adding a custom water feature here can significantly enhance the ambiance. Imagine a sleek, modern fountain serving as the centerpiece of a corporate courtyard, greeting visitors with its soothing murmurs and dynamic visual appeal. In a residential setting, a small water fountain could provide a tranquil haven, transforming the courtyard into a zen-like retreat. With careful thought to its design and placement, a water feature in the courtyard can be a high-impact addition, offering a delightful sensory experience and making the space more welcoming and engaging.

Lobby or Reception Area

The front desk or reception area of an office or hotel is often the first point of contact for visitors, making it a prime location for a custom water feature. A compact, yet elegant fountain could offer a calming ambience, counteracting the often hectic nature of these spaces. In larger areas, a wall-mounted waterfall feature can serve as a striking piece of art, drawing the eye and immersing the space in the serene sound of flowing water. Regardless of style or size, a water feature at the front desk enhances the overall aesthetic of the space, making a memorable first impression. The soothing effects of the moving water can also alleviate stress, promoting a more relaxed and positive environment. The addition of a custom water feature at the front desk, therefore, offers both visual appeal and tangible psychological benefits.

Park or Other Public Area

A splash pad, fountain, or waterfall in a public park or similar open space can become a popular and vibrant community gathering place. A water feature here is often larger than one installed in more private settings, as it must accommodate larger crowds. This could take the form of a large splash pad with interactive spray elements for children to enjoy on hot summer days, or a sophisticated collection of fountains and waterfalls, inviting those nearby to experience its beauty. The primal power of flowing water can draw people together in a positive way, creating an environment that is both invigorating and enjoyable.

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